About chiropractic

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a primary health care profession, which uses manual techniques to treat the various dysfunctions of the musculo-skeletal system and the nervous system. The treatment of choice for chiropractors is the adjustment, or manipulation of joints. By adjusting the various joints in the body, the chiropractor is able to improve range motion in the joints, to reduce tension in the muscles, to improve circulation, and to help the nervous system heal. At Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic, all our chiropractors have five years of university training, and are fully qualified and insured to treat people of all ages and sizes.

History of chiropractic.

Chiropractic was formally 'invented' by a gentleman called D.D. Palmer of Davenport, Iowa in the USA in 1895; yet there are references to joint manipulation or bone setting in the history books going as far back as ancient china 3000 years ago. Chiropractic landed in Europe in the middle of 20th century and the first chiropractic college was established in Bournemouth in 1965. Since the dawn of the profession great leaps have been taken in understanding how the human body works and chiropractic has evolved along with it. Even to this day, the fundamental principles of chiropractic philosophy still remain unchanged – the body is able to heal itself, and chiropractors are there to help the body towards ease (as opposed to Dis-ease) and wellness.

What are the different techniques?

There are a number of different techniques or systems by which to practice chiropractic. The choice of which technique to practice is always down to the preference of each chiropractor. At Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic our chiropractors are knowledgeable in a number of techniques, so that they are able to find a combination that best suits each individual patient. These techniques include Diversified, Gonstead, SOT, Nimmo, Dry needling, and Ultrasound therapy to name a few.

Who can benefit?

Chiropractic is for everyone. We treat people from 3 weeks old, to pensioners in their 90’s – as well as from office workers to professional rugby players. Our chiropractors tailor the treatment approach to suit the needs of each individual patient in order to ensure speedy and thorough recovery, as well as a pleasant experience at our clinic.

Chiropractors are most renowned for alleviating back pain, yet the back, as important as it is, is only the tip of the iceberg. Other conditions commonly treated at our clinic include neck pain and stiffness, certain types of headaches, pain and stiffness in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand; pain and stiffness in the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

An independent north american study was published in February 2010, known as 'The Bronford Report", which assessed the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic care in treating numerous conditions. The report concludes: "Spinal manipulation/mobilization is effective in adults for: acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain; migraine and cervicogenic headache; cervicogenic dizziness; manipulation/mobilization is effective for several extremity joint conditions; and thoracic manipulation/mobilization is effective for acute/subacute neck pain." Read the whole report.

You can access a multitude of research articles in the research section.

If you have any questions of a specific condition, please get in touch and find out how we may be able to help you.




Is it safe?

In a word yes! Chiropractic is one of the most conservative and least invasive treatments in the world. There are no side-effects or medication or surgery. Recent studies show, that chiropractic sports an excellent track record with safety as well as effectiveness for a multitude of ailments.

At Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic we will give you a detailed report of findings prior to any treatment so that you truly understand your condition and what is required to bring your body back to good health. X-ray investigations and MRI-scans are also available when needed. If you have any concerns regarding the treatment, please bring them to the attention of our chiropractors, who are always happy to answer questions and explain things so that you can be confident and relaxed.

How many treatments will I need?

There is no set amount of treatments that applies to everyone. As all individuals are different, the treatment programme is tailored to suit the needs of each patient. The amount of treatments depends on the severity of your condition, your lifestyle, your age, and how well you follow home-care instructions. At Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic we endeavour to provide a service of the highest quality that will help you recover as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Does it hurt?

Generally chiropractic adjustments do not hurt. Occasionally there may be a moment of discomfort following an adjustment as the muscles begin to relax. Some patients have reported muscular soreness, especially after the first treatment, which may last up to 12 hours. Our chiropractors will instruct you how to best avoid this type of soreness after treatment.

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I was in so much pain last week I couldn’t imagine that I would feel this much better in 7 days
Heather Penncock

I first went to Mika About 2 months ago. I could not walk straight line or very far. I was also in pain as I have had two knee replacements. After about 3 weeks I can now walk upright and in a straight line. Also a lot of pain relief. I cannot recommend this practice enough.
Frank Whittington

I have been working with Dr Mika Janhunen of Shepperton Chirorpactic Clinic for four years. During this time he has not only been able to help me overcome various niggling injuries and to enjoy better health, but has been able to improve the performance of a number of my golf coaching clients as well. His detailed knowledge of the human body and the complexity of the golf swing movement pattern is virtually unrivalled in terms of results that I have ever seen. I will continue to refer my players to see Mika, and would encourage anyone to do the same.
Rob Watts, PGA Golf Professional