Stretch poses

 Please refer to the instructions on the Stretches page.

Adductors (inside of thigh)

Start at upright posture, slide your legs as wide apart as they comfortably can go. Then tuck your pelvis forward, and keeping your back straight bend forward from the waist.



Hamstrings (back of thigh)

Start at upright posture, take a step forward. Keep your knees straight and tuck your pelvis forward, bend forward at the hips (chest over the front leg) keeping your back straight. The stretch will be felt at the back of the front leg.



Medial Hamstrings (inside and back of thigh)

Start with upright posture. Bring your legs wide apart, one foot pointing to the side, the other at 45 degrees angle. Bring your arms up to the sides. Push your chest over the leg pointing to the side and pivot your chest and trunk to the side (the arm resting on the shin). Push the top arm and shoulder backwards to bring on the stretch in the top of inner thigh.


Hip Flexors (groin)

Start in the long lunge position, with front foot in front of the knee, and the knee of the back leg resting on the floor. Shift your hips forward without leaning your chest forward, the stretch will come on at the top of the thigh. Then rotate away from the leg being stretched, and lean slightly back - this will shift the stretch into the groin.


Gluteals (buttock)

In a sitting position, with legs stretched in front, bend one knee up, with the foot coming to rest on the floor over the knee. Sit up straight. Grab your bent knee with both hands, and gently pull towards the opposite shoulder. You may also lean slightly forward. The stretch is felt in the buttock of the bent leg.


Gluteals 2 (buttock)

Start in a kneeling position. Bring one leg across the other knee, resting the shin on the floor. Slide the straight leg backwards as far as you can, which will bring on the stretch in the buttock of bent leg. Rest your upper body on your arms on the floor. You can control the intensity of the stretch by letting your chest come closer to the floor.

Variation 1. From the neutral postion (above) lean over towards the buttock being stretched, bringing your buttock closer to the floor. This will shift the stretch into a different place in the buttock.

Variation 2. From neutral position (above) lean away from the buttock being stretched, this will again shift the location of the stretch.



Quadriceps (front of thigh)

Start with sitting on both heels leaning forward onto your hands. Slide one leg back as far as it goes. Grab the ankle of the back leg with one hand, trying to keep your chest square to the front and your back straight. This will bring on the stretch in the thigh of the back leg.

Variation. Swap hands, to grab the ankle. This will bring on the stretch in a different part of the thigh.


Childs pose (low back and lats)

Start with sitting on both heels. Lean over your legs, letting your chest rest on the legs. Ensure you bottom stays in contact with the heels. This will bring on a gentle stretch in the low back.

Variation. In the stretch position, reach up and over with one hand. Keep your chest down on the legs, and your head resting on the floor. This will bring on the stretch along the arm pit and spreading to the low back. Repeat on the other side.


Upward dog (back of the legs)

Start with your feet planted on the floor, with your heels on the floor. Support your upper body on your hands on the floor. Keeping your legs straight, push your bum up towards the ceiling, allowing your chest to sink down. This will bring on the stretch in your calves and hamstrings.


Downward dog (abdominals)

Start lying on your front on the floor. Bring your hands under your shoulders, and push your chest up leaving your legs and back relaxed. This will bring on the stretch in the abdominal muscles.

Variation. For a long term static stretch, you can rest on your elbows rather than straightening your arms. This will encourage the normal lordosis in your lumbar spine (low back). You can hold this position for several minutes, provided you feel no discomfort in the low back.



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