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The Gait Scanner has arrived!

We are now offering a new service at the clinic, the TOG Gait Scanner. It is a state of the art system that uses 4096 sensors to scan the sole of the foot in motion as you walk over the scanner. It records 300 images per second to analyse the pressure and the timing sequence that help us unravel imbalances and biomechanical inefficiencies relating to lower limb problems.


The Gait Scanner will assist us in clinical decision making in and ensuring the best treatment outcome as well as the speediest possible recovery and return to normal activities to our patients. 

Most patients will benefit greatly from the information the system can deliver in terms of their rehabilitation of problem feet, and those who need   orthotic intervention will be in a truly preferential position as we can send the data from the scanner directly to the manufacturer, who have years of experience in making custom foot beds that will actively help in solving the problem instead of reinforcing the problem, which is the downside of all over the counter and static orthotics.


Well functioning feet and ankles are the foundation of a well functioning body.   The feet, being the sole contact with the ground, are the starting point of the biomechanical chain that travels all the way to the top of the head.  Many leg problems, such as ankle, knee, and hip injuries can be traced directly to an inefficient gait. The myriad muscular and fascial connections may further cause mayhem with the low back and the rest of the spine. The feet have been shown to have indirect effects even on breathing and digestive problems, as well as dizziness and headaches. 

For more information, please ask Dr. Mika, for bookings please call the clinic on 01932-429584 

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Introducing: Survival Guide to Your Home

Resilient Three - Dr Mika and Book

Dr. Mikas first book has been released!

     This book was born out of necessity. Dr. Mika (D.C.) realised after 10 years in practice that most people cause themselves injury in their familiar surroundings and in their daily home activities. Until now, there has been no "users manual" for the human body.  Dr. Mika (D.C.) set out to change all of that and wrote a book that contains 10 years worth of tried and tested practical tips on how to change your daily activites from harmful to helpful. And it's easier than you think.  

 Resilient Three - Book Cover

     This book will teach you the basic fundamentals of posture and movement, and you will learn to apply them in your home setting. By applying these principles you can engineer your movement patterns into health promoting rather than injury producing - it's time to become resilient and injury proof. 

     Dr. Mika (D.C.) is a long standing advocate of the role of the patient in their own recovery and healing process and this book is designed to put you, the patient, firmly in the drivers seat where you are able to recognise harmful movement patterns and amend them before causing a set back in your healing process. Equally this book will benefit people who are not currently sufferering with problems with their back or other joints as it endeavors to establish good movement patterns that will prevent injury in the future.

     Dr. Mika (D.C.) runs regular Movement Workshops that are free of charge so that people can gain better understanding of the importance of movement and to further help people move more confidently and correctly, even in their advanced age. To equire about the movement workshops, please get in touch with us at the clinic either via email or telephone.

     You can purchase this book, "Survival Guide to Your Home" either directly from us at the clinic, or via Amazon kindle. The cost is £6.99 from us at the clinic.

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- Our Results Speak For Themselves -

We diagnose the root cause of your problem and fix them without the need for drugs or surgery

We are a fresh and dynamic chiropractic clinic, committed to delivering excellent chiropractic health care to your whole family. Our patient centred approach to health care means that we tailor the treatment programme to your specific needs both in the short as well as the long term. Our aim is to help you enjoy your life to the fullest every single day.

We specialise in many areas such as back pain, neck pain, sports injury and performance, pregnancy and any other bodily aches and pains.

Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic has been offering chiropractic services to the community for 17 years. The clinic has enjoyed great success in treating patients with a multitude of pains and aches and the list of happy patients is in the thousands. We offer the services of two fully registered chiropractors and two qualified massage therapists.

We are registered with most health insurance companies. To learn more about our team of specialists please visit biographies page.


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We now offer TOG Gait Scanner technology at the clinic. Find out how it can benefit you and book your appointment today!

Call us on 01932 429584 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




During the Covid19 Pandemic and in accordance with Government Guidelines and that of our Governing Bodies, we remain OPEN through all levels of lockdown. Our massage therapists are permitted to work within our clinical setting. We have in place measures that ensure heightened levels of hygiene and sanitation. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOUR ARE DISPLAYING COVID SYMPTOMS, HAVE BEEN ASKED TO ISOLATE BY NHS TRACK AND TRACE AND ARE DEEMED CLNICALLY VERY VULNERABLE. 


Resilient Three - Chapter 3


 Dr. Mika's (D.C.) First Book, " Survival Guide to Your Home" was published in July 2017, You can find out more about by clicking the link.









Do not suffer in silence. Learn more on how we can help.


If you want to put an end to it, click here for more information.


A proven way to reduce sports injury and enhance performance. Sports Index.

More Fully Enjoy Your Pregnancy…

Why Chiropractic checkups are important during pregnancy? Learn More.


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We are excited to announce our new partner in health. Energetix is a range of natural herbal and botanical remedies and homeopathics, designed to alleviate a wide range of imbalances and ailments in the body. If you are struggling to cope with stress, low energy levels, chronic pain, high levels of inflammation, gut issues, poor drainage or many others – help may be closer than you think. Even if you have been told that nothing can be done for you.

You can visit their website at for further details.

If you with to know more about the products or find out if they could help your specific symptoms, please have a chat with Mika at the clinic.



Are You Suffering From Back Pain?

Join hundreds of our happy clients who have received back pain relief and regained control over their lives without the dangers of Prescription Drugs or Surgery.


Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. This is one of the most commonly suffered ailments of the modern day, yet at the same time very badly understood by the sufferers and various doctors and therapists alike. Not a day goes by when we do not hear a patient refer to their problem as ‘sciatica’ – ‘lumbago’ - ‘slipped disc’ or the like. Whilst these terms may refer to the type of symptoms, they are too vague to be a diagnosis. One person’s sciatic problem may be due to completely different reasons than the next persons. So it is best to explore the true cause of the problem, then explain this to the patient in a way they can understand.

At the end of the day, the human body is a logical and simple unit. It works according to A LOGIC, not necessarily your logic, but a logic nevertheless. It is a construction of mechanics, electrics and plumbing, and responds to laws of physics just the same as any building or a vehicle would. Therefore there is no need to overcomplicate things when it comes to treating back problems. In order to find lasting benefit, the true faulty part must be identified, corrected, and then taken through the time of recovery and healing with appropriate re-education measures. AND THAT'S IT!

And the best and proven way to do that is Chiropractic Adjustment.

Here is How We Help Relieve Your Back Pain using Three Step Proven Process:

STEP1: Identifying the faulty part

In order to accurately diagnose the problem causing back pain you must always ask another WHY? This is how:

My back hurts here. Why? The muscle is in spasm. Why? It is being constantly irritated. Why? It is forced into constant contraction to protect a joint. Why? The joint has been sprained or overloaded and is not functioning normally. Why? Because the loading is uneven from one side of the body to the other. Why? Because the legs are of different length. Why? Because the pelvis is rotated and muscles are in a state of imbalance. Why? Because your general posture is not helping, there is lack of flexibility in the legs, you carry a number of old injuries which have never fully healed, your diet may be adding to your overall health problem, and the stress of your condition is taking its toll.

What started off as a sharp pain in the back, after a bit of detective work was revealed to have roots much deeper than what is immediately visible in the form of obvious symptoms. This is why our chiropractors at Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic take extra care during patient history and examination. We need to know about the car accidents as well as the old ankle injury 'that is probably not relevant', we need to know about your desk setup at work, how many pillows you have under your head when sleeping, your exercise habits, as well as any other little bit of information that may seem trivial, but can help us find the root cause and provide the most effective treatment.

STEP2: Correcting The Fault

There are lots of different ways to treat the back. They range from massage and heat pack to surgery, stretching to strengthening, and medication to manipulation. Of course there is no single gold-standard treatment for back pain, and patients may find good results with one or a combination of different therapeutic approaches. The selection of treatment is heavily dependent on the diagnosis, and great care must be taken to reach a correct diagnosis.

As most back problems can be attributed to mechanical causes - a mechanical correction is the logical choice. When dealing with mechanical back pain, chemical agents (such as pain killers and anti-inflammatories) tend to not work very well. The pain killers may reduce the symptoms for a time, yet as soon as the effects wear off the pain returns. Mechanical treatments get to the root of the problem (not Nurofen fast relief gel) and physically change the way the body is moving and working. As the mechanics are restored to normal, there is no need for symptoms.

Our chiropractors at Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic are experienced in treating back pain brought on by various different causes. We take care to trace the problem to its origin and to be specific with all our treatment. Our chiropractors are trained in a number of techniques and are able to find the correct approach to suit your individual needs, ensuring maximum patient comfort in the process. Spinal manipulation has been found to be effective in both the short as well as the long term in treatment of back pain, and it is now recognised and recommended by NICE guidelines.

STEP 3: Re-educating the body and the brain

After correcting the imminent problem and reducing the symptoms (a.k.a. back pain) it is time to look ahead - how can future occurrences be prevented. For those who have had a mild version of back pain, this may not seem a very important concern, but those who have suffered a severe episode of back pain prevention is a very attractive option. Let's face it - there is no bullet proof way of ensuring that you will never ever suffer with your back again, but is possible to reduce the likelihood of recurrence as well as the severity of any future back pain episode significantly.

The key term in the re-education phase is functional rehabilitation. Emphasis on the word functional. This may include stabilisation exercises, balance exercises, stretches and range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, postural exercises, ergonomics, dietary overhaul, stress coping mechanisms, even things as seemingly simple as learning to breathe and to sleep correctly. Why is all this necessary? In order to ensure appropriate functioning of each and every part of your body for as great a proportion of time as possible. Treating the body as a whole is of fundamental importance. To ensure good functioning of your back, the work load must be evenly distributed between all body parts, including the arms and legs. For example, insufficient mobility in the legs is a very common problem, and leads to increased work load on the lower back causing it to become painful over time and unless the issues in the legs are resolved, there is no long term cure from back pain.

Pain Free

I have been attending Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic for some while for ‘maintenance’ on my back. Before Shepperton opened I attended a Chiropractor in Walton who manipulated my back into being pain-free after years and years of pain and discomfort following an injury. Shepperton keep me pain-free. I then mentioned to Mika that I had been suffering a frozen shoulder for a few years. I hadn’t thought to mention it as I assumed it was probably from over-use when I was training for the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968 where I represented Great Britain in Canoeing, but after a few weeks of manipulation and massage it, too, is pain free. It has made a terrific different to my life being able to move easily and painlessly.

Sylvia Lunn

Why Us?

At Shepperton Chiropractic Clinic our goal is to have each and every patient become an active part of their recovery and learn how to manage their back. We spend time with our patients teaching them rehabilitation, ergonomics, reviewing their nutritional needs and exercise programmes. Our chiropractors are extensively trained in recognising the dysfunctions in your extremities and are constantly updating their knowledge and the technical skills in treating them. They are also able to prescribe and teach the appropriate rehabilitation exercises that will give you the most benefit and help you re-build your back.

Take the first step today towards freeing yourself from your back pain.
Click below to book your first consultation ONLINE or CALL US on 01932 429584 today, to get an insight into how you can get permanent relief from your back pain problems.


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Find out why your body suffers from pain and how to get rid of it forever without medication

Dr. Mikas Blog

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I was in so much pain last week I couldn’t imagine that I would feel this much better in 7 days
Heather Penncock

I first went to Mika About 2 months ago. I could not walk straight line or very far. I was also in pain as I have had two knee replacements. After about 3 weeks I can now walk upright and in a straight line. Also a lot of pain relief. I cannot recommend this practice enough.
Frank Whittington

I have been working with Dr Mika Janhunen of Shepperton Chirorpactic Clinic for four years. During this time he has not only been able to help me overcome various niggling injuries and to enjoy better health, but has been able to improve the performance of a number of my golf coaching clients as well. His detailed knowledge of the human body and the complexity of the golf swing movement pattern is virtually unrivalled in terms of results that I have ever seen. I will continue to refer my players to see Mika, and would encourage anyone to do the same.
Rob Watts, PGA Golf Professional